GMI: Excellency, ethics, and commitment.

60, Rue la Boétie

75008, Paris, France

Our history

Global Medical Instruments (GMI) is an independent company, registered under the SIREN number 529445306, since 12 years, located 60 rue de la Boétie, 75008 Paris, France.

GMI is involved in the healthcare sector, covering several fields including equipment, pharmaceutical products, medical devices, and services.

The culture of GMI is based on several strong values, as rigor, professionalism, partnerships, and a humanistic approach with a respect for the environment.

Activity Perspectives Our commitment

Global Medical Instruments (GMI) handles health services with the promotion, distribution, and maintenance of medical equipment and devices.

Strengthened by the experience and expertise of a strong team, with a wide range of professionals (pharmacists, medical doctors, engineers), GMI aims to become a major player in the support and development of health solutions on an international scale, including subsidiaries in Africa and the French overseas territories and departments (DROM/COM).

  • Putting the patient at the center of our concerns.
  • Provide:
    • an experience and expertise for healthcare professionals.
    • a response tailored to the needs of healthcare with a scalability of our solutions.
    • support and partnerships.
  • Ensure diversity with the respect the eco-system.

President’s message

Global Medical Instruments (GMI) is a socially responsible company committed to the implementation of health solutions in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (WHO, 2030);

Providing a high-quality medico technical environment with the support of our healthcare professionals we will ensure an effective and efficient patient care. Excellency, ethics, and performance are the pillars of our commitment.

President of GMI