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Biochemistry & Immunoanalysis

Atellica Solution®

by Siemens Healthineers

Atellica Solution represents the new generation of Biochemistry and Immunoassay analyzers from Siemens Healthineers. It is equipped with a patented, bidirectional, and electromagnetic sample transport technology. To adapt to each laboratory, more than 300 customizable configurations are possible, with an extensive test menu derived from proven measurement technologies.

Dimension Vista®

by Siemens Healthineers

Dimension Vista® range is a family of integrated systems. The Dimension Vista allows for simultaneous and high-speed analysis of biochemistry, plasma protein analysis by nephelometry, routine immunoassays using LOCITM technology, medication dosage, and drug screening.

Dimension ® EXL™ 200

by Siemens Healthineers

The Dimension® EXL™ 200 Integrated Chemistry System, now including Dimension Remote Services and enhanced QCC PowerPak®, gives you the power of both chemistry and immunoassay testing in a compact system ideal for smaller-sized laboratories.

ADVIA Centaur®CP

by Siemens Healthineers

The ADVIA Centaur® CP Immunoassay System is a mid-volume, high-throughput bench top system that enhances your in-house test capability. With its broad menu and short Turn Around Times (TAT), you can do more — without compromising efficiency, productivity, or quality. And it features the superior sensitivity and specificity you expect of Chemiluminescent with Advanced Acridinium Ester Technology.


by Siemens Healthineers

The ADVIA Centaur® XPT Immunoassay System is engineered for simplified, continuous operation and timely, trusted results.

  • Responds to peak testing needs with a throughput of up to 240 tests per hour and no-pause loading of reagents, consumables, and samples.
  • Supports comprehensive diagnoses with a menu of over 70 assays.
  • Continually expands testing with advanced acridinium ester technology—evolving chemiluminescence that provides the flexibility to meet changing clinical needs.


by Siemens Healthineers

The IMMULITE®2000 XPi system is a continuous and random-access immunoassay module that provides a maximum throughput of 200 tests per hour. Its design helps streamline workflow and enhance productivity in laboratories handling moderate to high volumes of immunoassays by integrating specialty and allergology tests on a single platform.97 routine and specialist parameters and over 450 allergens.